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Scandroid’s Synth Cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Will Put You in the Halloween Spirit

Michael Jackson’s Scream was just released last month, a brand new compilation album that collects together some of the late pop icon’s most Halloween-appropriate songs. The album features a fresh remix of the granddaddy of all Halloween songs, Jackson’s Thriller, and we’ve got another fun new take on the song for ya this week.

This one comes courtesy of Scandroid, whose sophomore album Monochrome will be released on October 27. The track will be on the album, but you can listen to it right now.

“Released just in time for the Halloween season, the lyric video for Scandroid’s cover of “Thriller” pays homage to the original Michael Jackson music video, featuring shots of robotic zombies and werewolves performing “Thriller’s” classic dance moves.”

I knew when I started the album (Monochrome) that I wanted to do a Halloween-related track. It only took me 1/4 of a second to conclude this would be my perfect chance to cover a track I loved during the ’80s,” said Klayton, the man behind the Scandroid alias. “I probably watched the ‘Thriller’ music video 100+ times on my parents VCR after I recorded it from MTV.”

Check out the lyric video below.

Featuring 13 tracks, from the retro-synth pop hooks of “Afterglow,” “Rendezvous,” “Future Bloodline,” and “A Thousand Years,” to the instrumental epics “Oblivia” and “Searching For a Lost Horizon,” Monochrome imagines an alternate future where truth is hidden in “Monochrome.” The album also includes a synthwave cover of John Williams’ famous Star Wars opus, “The Force Theme.”



  • scoot bynon

    The video is very different but and I say but with a big butts the thing that made this video a huge success was the special effects at that time that werewolf transformation was pretty damn cool also Vincent Price may he rest in peace was also the reason why that video was a huge success because of his monologue at the end not to mention Michael Jackson and you may like him or dislike him but one thing you can’t say about him is that guy did not have talent he had a lot of talent and he could dance and he could sing and he knew what to do so may they both rest in peace and yeah this is definitely difference for me the reason why I like the original better is because it was scary it was a horror film this one is just more or less upgraded dance move the werewolf looks like a Transformer to be honest and I really don’t like it the music is okay the vocals are cool but you’re not going to ever replace the original not by any means and people maybe need to stop doing that I get it just may be an omage to him but still the original is the best.

  • Drool Bear

    This was actually pretty damn good. Didn’t sound campy. Nor was it trying to reproduce certain elements of the original, ie.: Vincent Price’s evil laugh or Michaels squeals. Wish their was more to the video; was a bit repetitive.Overall, good job.

  • PowerGloveKid

    fuck yes!

  • Cornjob

    i don’t get it. terrible synth crap.

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