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[Video] Makeup Artists Turn One Woman into 100 Years Worth of Horror Icons!

This. Is. Awesome.

Going through nearly the entire history of the horror genre, and specifically touching upon one icon from each and every decade dating back to the 1910s, this incredible time-lapse video sees a team of top makeup artists transforming one woman, in under three minutes, into a whole host of different horror villains.

We begin in 1910 with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and end with the Billy puppet from the Saw franchise, meeting up with The Mummy, Regan MacNeil and Pennywise along the way!

Press play below to relive the bone-chilling history all over again!



  • Travis_Bickle

    The Jason and Mike Myers masks are dollar store garbage.

  • DukeStKing

    Dracula? Or Eddie Munster? What’s with the damn widow’s peak???

  • sliceanddice

    better than i could ever do but these are… um….

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