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[Video] Makeup Effects Legend Rick Baker Celebrated Halloween With Elaborate Neighborhood Show

When you live in Rick Baker’s neighborhood, Halloween is simply the coolest.

One could argue that it was Rick Baker who put special makeup effects on the map as a legitimate and respected artform back in the ’80s. Baker’s effects work in An American Werewolf in London was so good that the Academy created the Best Makeup and Hairstyling award in 1981, honoring Baker with that inaugural award.

Baker would go on to be nominated 11 times in the category, and win 7 times!

Back in 2015, Baker announced his retirement, citing changes in the industry as the reason why. After all, CGI has mostly taken over, putting practical masters out of work.

But despite retiring, Baker has continued his incredible makeup effects work, if only outside of the entertainment industry. For Halloween this year, Baker and his team turned his family into the cast of characters from FX’s “The Strain, the family putting on a live stage show for their neighborhood that you have to see.

Rick Baker played the role of Abraham Setrakian, while his daughters terrified the neighbors as a Strigoi and a female version of the show’s Quinlan character.

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