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[Video] Fan Experiment Turns ‘Halloween’ into David Fincher Film Scored by Trent Reznor

What if your favorite films from the past were directed by your favorite filmmakers from the present? That’s the question this interesting fan edit asks… and answers.

In order to theorize what John Carpenter’s Halloween might’ve been like had it been directed by David Fincher (why the hell not, right?!), “Bad Taste” directing duo Jack and Justin have just taken it upon themselves to conduct a little experiment.

How did they accomplish this task? Well, they took footage from Carpenter’s Halloween, re-editing, stabilizing and color correcting it to emulate the look and feel of a Fincher film. They even created a new title sequence for the ’78 classic, using stock footage intercut with effects elements, photographs of Michael Myers and animated text.

Furthermore, the duo added Nine Inch Nails‘ recently released reimagining of the iconic Halloween theme over top of the edited visuals – again, why the hell not?!

The end result is a fresh new take on an opening sequence for Halloween, directed by David Fincher and scored by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Enjoy.




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