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Alien Hunts a Baby in Bizarre ‘Beyond Skyline’ Clip

The Purge franchise’s Frank Grillo stars in director Liam O’Donnell’s Beyond Skyline, which looks bonkers. The latest trailers have all been impressive, and now these previously shared new images hark back to classics such as Predator and Alien. In the newly released clip, Grillo and a baby are being hunted down by an alien. Vertical Entertainment will go Beyond Skyline on December 15, 2017.

In the film,

When the population of Los Angeles is vacuumed off the face of the earth, Detective Mark Corley (Frank Grillo) storms his way onto an alien ship to rescue his estranged son. But after crashing the ship in Southeast Asia, he must forge an alliance with a band of survivors to discover the key to saving his son and taking back the planet once and for all.

The full cast includes Bojana Novakovic (Drag Me to Hell, Devil), Jonny Weston (Under the Bed, Project Almanac), Iko Uwais, Callan Mulvey, Antonio Fargas, Pamelyn Chee, Yayan Ruhian, Jacob Vargas, Valentine Payen, Betty Gabriel, Jack Chausse, and Kevin O’Donnell.  O’Donnell also wrote the film.



  • Grimphantom

    Still can’t believe this one getting a sequel……and what’s up with those 4 stars? Not even Sharknado pulls that awfully lol.

    • Doctor Dementor

      the first movie was a box-office success despite the bad critics , Skyline wasn’t good but i liked the effects,the creatures and the spaceships design (it’s was surprising for a low budget movie) and also the ending the only part i liked in the movie xD i think i will give it a chance , i have low expectations but…..why not ^^

      • gabriel

        Wait…you actually took time to watch the first one?

        • StopBeingOffendedDERP

          Ridiculous comment.

          The first one was incredibly creative..the concept was awesome and the movie made you feel totally helpless and seeing the people sucked into the sky.for their.body parts…crazy. this is horror/sci-fi. I loved it.

        • Doctor Dementor

          well obviously yes xD i will not criticise a movie before watching it , exception for some live action but even if i think it will suck , i actually take time to watch them until the end , because there is still a chance to be good like Death note(2005),Gintama,Kenshin,Scott pilgrim..ect , or confirming my hate…cough* Death note 2017 *cough…..i use my time watching movies not useless reviews ^^

    • Inferus

      Den of Beer should tell you all you need to know about those ratings.

  • Bart Crowe

    Frank Grillo? Maybe this franchise will pull a Purge where the first movie is dog shit but the sequels are actually entertaining?

  • gabriel

    Wait a second. Is this a sequel to the one with Eric Balfour? Yuck. Hard, easy pass.

  • Vico ‘Culell

    Frank Grillo and Iko Uwais together kicking alien asses? Where i sign?

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