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“Silent Hill Requiem” Fan-Film is Finally Out! [Video]

While Christophe Gans’ Silent Hill is certainly one of the better video-game adaptations out there, Silent Hill: Revelations did its best to shatter any hopes of a successful movie series based on Konami’s legendary survival-horror franchise. Konami itself seems to have abandoned these games, having canceled Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro’s proposed revival of the series, leaving us with no sign of future visits to that dreadfully foggy town.

However, fans of Silent Hill‘s unique brand of surreal horror are in for a treat, as Gareth Morgan’s long-awaited fan-film, Silent Hill Requiem, is finally out! The film was crowd-funded back in 2014, but underwent several post-production delays due to the extremely limited budget and complex visual effects.

I was lucky enough to check it out beforehand, and the movie serves as an extremely faithful adaptation and expansion of the first three games, with several nods to the series’ long and nightmarish history. While the film relies a bit too much on fan-service and could have been trimmed to a more palatable runtime, it’s still a must-watch for fans of the franchise. Hell, it certainly does a lot more with just a handful of actors and a green screen than Hollywood did with several million dollars.

It’s likely that Konami themselves don’t harbor as much love for the Silent Hill brand as this little passion project does, so that alone makes it worth a watch.

The first 13 minutes of the film are free to watch on Youtube, but Gareth is also working on a Silent Hill Web-Series (which you can support here, earning yourself a copy of Silent Hill: Requiem in the process), and another fan-film based on the Splatterhouse games.

Silent Hill fans may have had to deal with more than their fair share of disappointment in the past, but rest assured that Requiem is not one of them.



  • McGilli

    I watched the first 5 minutes – and I’m pretty sure this must be the 3rd movie in the Sin City series….

    • zombie84_41

      I feel bad for people who paid for this to happen. I understand its made with no money but it didn’t have to be shot in that style the whole movie. Maybe bits and pieces. I give the director mad props for trying something and actually doing something thats more then I can ever do or say but this was just a no go. Maybe he can get a job making video games this would be a sick ass VR game.

  • Saying Like It Is

    13 minutes may be free but I couldn’t get passed the first 5. I have a lot of respect for ambitious indie projects but this is over stylized and even worse the visuals are way too dark to be enjoyed.

    • MrX13

      I even couldn’t get past 5 mins. This style doesn’t work at all but I appreciate the effort.

      • zombie84_41

        me either I got 3mins in. The style was awful.

  • zombie84_41

    that was terrible. I love silent hill huge fan of it. But that was just no good. I’m sorry. It was a cool idea. I understand this director worked very hard with very little and thats amazing. But the way it was shot was just terrible. Even the games weren’t like that lol. Maybe for a few scenes but not through out the whole movie.

  • I REALLY wanted to like this, but right when they opened their inventory screen, I burst out laughing, “Nooooooooooo!” and closed it. It’s a shame. I loved the music video teaser from a few years back. They should’ve left it at that.

  • want something more silent hill inspired? check out theres a video inspired by the canceled silent hill game.

  • Andrew Sutcliffe

    I think there are some good ideas here…but for being a movie it’s a little TOO much like the game for me… If you were to merge the first silent hill movie with 1 or 2 of the visual idea’s from this I think it would be a good step…I don’t think i could sit through 2 hours of this.

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