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Romero’s Classic Remade in ‘Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth’ [Trailer]

Romero’s Classic Remade in ‘Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth’ [Trailer]

Rising Pulse Productions in affiliation with Mouse Nest Productions has completed a contemporary retelling of George A. Romero’s cult-classic horror masterpiece Night of the Living Dead, directly approaching the social commentary from a modern viewpoint.

Written and directed by Roger Conners, Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth, “A tense visit to their family burial site quickly escalates into a fight for survival when brothers Adam and John are randomly attacked by several unknown assailants.

Here’s the latest trailer for the film starring Aswan Harris, Roger Conners, Alvin Hudson, Rachel Anderson, Bradley Arner, Taylor Nelms, and RJ Messenger. Thanks to Mike M. for the tip.

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  • DaddyKo

    Why? Is just anyone allowed to remake shit?

    • Saturn

      In regards to NOTLD yes, due to the issue with Romero forgetting to copyright the NOTLD print.
      YOU could remake it if you want. I could too. Anyone can.

      • Which is why you’ll find it on almost every single $5 40-movie compilation. And why it’s been released in so many truly horrendous levels of bad transfers over the years. I’m looking forward to the 4K restoration on Criterion so we finally have a good print that has wide spread availability.

    • Travis_Bickle

      Night of the Living Dead entered the public domain in the United States because the original theatrical distributor, the Walter Reade Organization, neglected to place a copyright indication on the prints. Anyone can remake it, not questions asked. Sad but true.

      • Russell Reball

        No. That can’t be true. I always thought NOTLD would make an interesting stage play. You mean I can do that and not get sued?

        • Travis_Bickle

          google it, its public domain. You can do anything NOTLD you want.

        • Evan3

          @disqus_Zk6mY15NoH:disqus is right. Anything NOTLD is totally up for grabs.

          • Chris

            Evan, that’s a common misconception. The only thing NOTLD that is in public domain are the 1968 theatrical release prints. Likenesses, art, logo, music, etc, are indeed copyrighted. Meaning someone could make 5000 DVD’s off of one of those prints and not get in trouble. What you can’t do piece out the film without possible consequences. For instance, if the film makers of Rebirth didn’t get permission to use the original’s music for this trailer, they could face some problems.

  • Aaron King

    Make it stop!

  • Some shots look gorgeous others extremely cheap, overall the movie doesn’t look good by any means

    • I was thinking the same thing. At the very beginning, I thought the cinematography was really good, but then some of the scenes started looking like they were iPhone quality composition and definition.

      Not entirely sure this really needed another remake. How many are we up to now?

      • Exactly the first two or three shots are very good then it’s all a downhill…
        I’d say we are around 4 or 5 remakes

        • I wonder if they actually make any money on the remakes? I have trouble believing that it’s a sound investment. I can understand when film makers go all in on a cash-grab, but how many people are going to actually spend money on this. (Well, total disclosure, other than me, because I’ll watch it for the car wreck appeal probably. If it’s cheap.)

          • Probably these movies are so cheap that a VOD/platform release + few dvds/brs sold qualifies as a big win. Plus you know i guess they’re mainly made to create a library (no big studios producing the remakes beside the 90s one) and to trick people into thinking they’re getting the original or something affiliate (like asylum’s mockbusters).

          • Oh god–the mockbusters. In pretty much everything, I believe in “to each their own,” but if I had one wish regarding movies, it would be the end of Asylum.

          • Indeed. I hate their movies

          • Evan3

            I think Platinum Dunes deserves to be taken down before Asylum.

          • Platinum Dunes, for the most part, sins on the side of being completely unimaginative. At least you typically get something decent in the way of production value with them.

  • Alanmac

    Both Barbara’s, (’68 & “90), seemed to have bigger balls than this one.

    • umaneo

      90’s Barbara was awesome!

  • MrX13

    Looks ok but I’m sure that it’s going to suck just like all the other Night of the Living Dead so-called remakes. The only one that counts are the original (1968) and the actual remake (1990)

  • Necro

    Another ‘NOTLD’?! Geez!

  • How original …

  • AGAIN???

  • Glitchiee Glitch

    this movie looks like total shit

  • Kyle Ord

    That looked……

    Student made

    • chronikheckler

      More pointless, unadulterated and amateurish garbage from individuals that would have to overachieve just to reach the level of “student made”…. Excuse me while I shake my head in disgust. 🙁

      • Kyle Ord


  • TasteTheMeat

    It should never have been brought to color. The original was gritty and uneasy and ultimately my favorite horror of all time

  • IWC-3PO

    I don’t see the Legendary Iconic Horror Icon Johnathon Schaech in the cast list. Guaranteed to flop.

    • Mike tantatelli

      No Schaech, no good, no doubt about it.

  • Travis_Bickle

    Didn’t get learn from the Sid Haig NOTLD? Night of the Living Dead Horse.

  • Saltoner

    Hey all you “creative” people, get an original idea!

  • Dennis Giles

    Cant be that bad..No Scott Gimple !!!!
    Count me in !

  • Evan3

    I honestly don’t even understand what I just watched? Is this contemporary? A period piece? Zombies.

  • salaciousb

    Is this home made?

    And the Star Wars font as well??

  • ShadowInc


  • gjk2012 .

    Did I just hear Matt Lauer the sexual assaulter in the trailer? Now I’m scared!

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