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[Video] Are These the Best Horror Movie Endings of the 21st Century?

Obviously, there are huge spoilers ahead.

We recently profiled a video taking a look at 10 horror movies that were “ruined” by their twist endings, but what about the ones that ended on the most perfect of high notes?

The folks over on Looper bring us “The Best Horror Movie Endings of This Century” this week, a new video that highlights the best endings from 2001 to today.

Horror movies have to really stick the landing to last,” they write. “Whether that means coming in with a surprise twist, or an explosive event, or even a maddening cliffhanger, the final moments of any good thriller should bring together all the jump scares and eerie elements that have defined the rest of the movie.”

The site continues, “For these modern flicks, the third acts were so good that they’ll easily stand the test of time. Let’s take a look at the best horror movie endings of the century so far.”

From The Others to Get Out, watch the video below.




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