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An Exclusive Look at Alternate ‘Leatherface’ Scene [Spoilers]

Already available on VOD platforms everywhere, brand new franchise prequel Leatherface is buzzing onto Blu-ray on December 19, 2017.

Special feature includes “Behind the Mask: the Making of Leatherface“, as well as six deleted scenes and an alternate ending. Bloody Disgusting has an exclusive look at what appears to be a different take on a scene near the film’s ending. (There’s also a completely alternate ending on the disc.)

In LeatherfaceJessica Madsen plays one of four inmates (Sam Coleman, Sam Strike, James Bloor) who escapes from a mental hospital. One of them becomes the title character and iconic slasher.

In this alternate take, Madsen watches as Verna (Lili Taylor), Leatherface’s mother, pushes him to use his now iconic chainsaw on Sherif Hal Hartman (Stephen Dorff). Leatherface slices him up until Madsen grabs the sheriff’s gun and shoots the slasher. She’s then abducted as the clip goes black. 

Leatherface went through a series of additional shoots and it looks like this sequence near the end may have been included. It’s hard to tell here what happens next, but it looks as if they moved around Verna and Leatherface’s big moment and added a super gory scene in which Leatherface drives his chainsaw straight through Hartman’s chest. I love how the ending plays out in the completed film, so it looks like they did a good job fixing this up. It’s always fun to see the process in motion.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre prequel was directed by Inside filmmakers Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury.



  • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

    This movie sucked big giant donkey balls.

    Thanks for reading

  • Alanmac

    Still haven’t watched this. Haven’t heard anything good about it but I’m a sucker for anything Leatherface related. Hell, if I was able to sit through Chainsaw 3D without leaving or bursting into tears then this should be a piece of cake.

    • Necro

      It’s much better than ‘3D’ Almanac, at least in my opinion.

    • The major problem that plagues this movie is how underdeveloped everything is, and how simplified Leatherface’s origin turned out. It feels like the studio trimmed it down to reach an 88-minute runtime. It’s definitely a better movie than Texas Chainsaw 3D.

  • Necro

    Opinions vary and on the cover you see the quote from Jerry Smith saying it’s “The best Texas Chainsaw film since the original”, although I enjoyed the film I’d really like to hear his explanation as to why he feels this way.

    • There’s a lot to like in Leatherface, but I personally think that Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and the 2003 remake are a lot better. Leatherface needed to be longer than 87-minutes for the story it was trying to tell, but it definitely wasn’t a disaster.

      • Necro

        Yeah there’s definitely stuff to like in the film.

      • BooMstick Critique

        Its not a disaster its getting some hyperbole from chainsaw fans because it dosent feel like a chainsaw film.But being honest an see the film for what it is I have to say for a spin off solo Leather origin it wasnt bad nothing amazing but a good road trip horror.On the bluray you can choose to watch the film with the original ending.Which is interesting as is the remake is a better written film an slightly more solid but it also feels to modern an slick at the same time.This one for me is my third favorite after the original an the second which was a fun comedy.I thought the beginning was an ok gore fest with no plot.I hated the 3d one the third one is all right time waster an four is a so bad its good film.This one will all ways split fans because of the fact it dosent have the same feel as the others.But thats exactly why I liked it I diddnt want yet another film of teens being killed at a farm house

  • Leatherface felt very watered down due to studio interference. It was far too ambitious for an 87-minute film, and everything was so underdeveloped. It really needs an Unrated Director’s Cut.

    They didn’t even give a proper explanation as to how Leatherface became a mindless, genderless monster who doesn’t remember who he is, or why he has no individuality underneath his masks. He gets shot in the face by the world’s most magical bullet, and they give no further explanation. I have to assume that Stephen Dorff brutalised him off-screen, and the footage was cut.

    The hospital scene didn’t work. We are told that Doctor Lang and the staff are torturing the patients in their “Chamber of Horrors” (and we are supposed to hate them), but we barely see any of this and the patients escape very early on.

    The road trip part of the film also didn’t last very long. They find new clothes, they raid a diner, find a place to sleep, and they get caught. That’s about as far as it goes. Stephen Dorff’s character doesn’t get enough development for you to fear him, hate him, or feel sorry for him.

    Then the watered down origin story happens, which is the most irritating part of the film. Overall, we need to see the complete movie or whatever the director’s original vision was. You could tell just by watching it that the film was plagued by reshoots.

  • Uh, @Brad Miska … That’s not Jessica Madsen or an inmate. That’s the nurse played by Venessa Grasse.

  • Blood Boil

    Total fucking garbage.

    • I thought there were plenty of redeeming qualities, even if the final product felt like a high production fan film. It’s far from “total fucking garbage” IMO. It was just very watered down and the origin didn’t make much sense.

      • Alanmac

        Just that clip alone was better than 3D! I’m definitely gonna be checking this out sometime during the Christmas break.

  • Josh Nitsche

    I’m one of the few who enjoyed this movie.. Comparing it to The Next Generation, Texas Chainsaw The Beginning, and Texas Chainsaw 3D, it’s got a lot to love, but as others have pointed out, the characters could have been developed better. Overall, good flick.

    • The plotlines too. An extended version would go a long way in erasing the flaws.

      • Josh Nitsche

        I’d love to see an extended version. I liked the grittiness and intensity of it. Some scenes are pretty shocking. I thought the “magical bullet” was a cool reason for why he doesn’t talk… But, totally agree that they didn’t explain how he becomes a mindless monster. I would have liked to see that… I’d really want to see a sequel to this one that explains a bit more.

        • Yeah, the bullet feels like a portion of a full origin that we didn’t see.

  • Leatherface was released last week in Portugal. However the portuguese marketing company from the movie spoiled Leatherface’s identity.
    They wrote a text like this on their Facebook page “Are you prepared to find out how Jackson (Sam Strike) became the killer of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre?
    #Leatherface: The Origin of Evil – December 7th in theaters.”

    • Oh no… They probably didn’t realise that was supposed to be a secret, lol

  • NOCC Monkey

    I’ll finally watch it over the weekend on VOD. If nothing else to scratch the horror itch. Besides, nothing, and I mean nothing can be worse that the shitfest that is Texas Chainsaw 3D. That’s the one that deserves the garbage trophy.

  • Simon Allen

    One of the disappointments of the year 🙁 .
    Dammit I prefer Chainsaw 3D to this car crash .

  • Eastman420

    Would of been better excepted if it wasnt a TCM movie. Kinda same thing with Season of the Witch and Jason goes to Hell. Had some good things in it. Hartmans death was pretty fucking cool. The dining resteraunt scene was fucked up.

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