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Netflix Filmed Cats Reacting to the “Stranger Things” Cat Attack Scene

If Barb made waves for being unceremoniously killed off in Season 1 of “Stranger Things, I think we’d have to consider the Henderson family’s cat the “Barb” of Season 2.

Dustin adopts a baby Demogorgon in Season 2 of “Stranger Things,” inviting him into his home and naming him Dart. Of course, Dustin doesn’t realize that Dart is a Demogorgon until its too late… in an upsetting moment, Dart murders the family’s other pet.

For a fun little social media video to kick off 2018 today, Netflix employees filmed their own cats reacting to *that* scene in the second season of “Stranger Things.”

Needless to say, they weren’t happy about it…



  • Rohan

    It’s okay because cats are soulless, evil creatures.

    • turk

      And still far superior to human beings in every way.

      • Rohan

        They do steal your soul while you sleep.

        • turk

          Souls are overrated.

          • Rohan

            cAtS doNt ThiNk s0

          • turk

            Cats protect you from trolls that steal your soul. Didn’t you see “Cat’s Eye”?

          • Rohan

            Buster Pointdexter would say otherwise if his mouth wasn’t full of demon cat.

      • J Jett

        turk, i agree w/ you 10000%! cats (and dogs) are awesome!

        • Runciter

          yea your right animals are better than people they should be considered people well I mean not people cus people are awful animals are much better and some people are the real animals but even animals are not like some people cus some people are animals I love animals please follow me on instagram

  • turk

    Actually, that whole situation took me out of the show a bit. Was there a single person watching the show that didn’t know exactly what that thing was the second it was discovered? And yet, not a single one of the kids even considered the possibility. Just seemed kind of forced and unlikely.

    • Rick-Taylor

      In keeping with the tradition of 80’s movies, many blatantly obvious things were completely missed by the characters.

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