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TurboTax Kicks Off 2018 With Series of Strange Horror-Inspired Commercials

You don’t have to wait until the Super Bowl to see bizarre commercials.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, one of our favorites from last year was TurboTax‘s, which starred Kathy Bates as the owner of a haunted house; humorously, she wonders if the ghost children that reside in her new home can be claimed as dependents. The company is going even harder on the horror-inspired commercials this year, unleashing a series of spooky new ads.

This particular campaign’s slogan? There’s nothing to be afraid of.

The four commercials for the campaign come together to convey the message that TurboTax makes filing your taxes much less terrifying than we make the process out to be, and they feature a ghost, a monstrous campground slasher in a (tax-deductible) hockey mask, a dancing teddy bear doll and a chupacabra riding a scooter. Hey, we said they were bizarre.

Keep being super weird, TurboTax.



  • Grimphantom

    Those are good ones tho the Closet one is really stupid…..i kinda wish she kicked it to the window and break it.

  • DAG999

    Instead of the bear, perhaps Ally McBeal’s Dancing baby hallucination could have the face of DONALD TRUMP superimposed on it. Now THAT would be scary tax stuff!

  • ShadowInc

    That bear stole my moves.

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