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[Kill of the Week] Butchered By Cannibals in ‘The Green Inferno’

Every week, we spotlight a kill that we just can’t get enough of. This is Kill of the Week.

To this day, I still can hardly even believe that I saw Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno at my local theater. At a time when it seemed like every major horror release was of the paranormal/found footage variety, along came The Green Inferno in 2015, a gory-as-all-hell homage to the Italian cannibal films of the ’70s. As I sat there in my theater, watching bodies get hacked apart and eaten, I was transported back to a far different time in the genre’s history –  when the shock factor was high and the blood flowed freely across the big screen.

As Stephen King so eloquently put it, The Green Inferno was “a gory throwback to the drive-in movies of my youth. Bloody, gripping, but you can’t look away.”

Sure, The Green Inferno has a handful of problems – the characters are all pretty unlikable, while the tone is all over the place – but it won me over for being the goriest celebration of exploitative violence that has found its way onto the big screen in the past several years.

In the film, a group of social activists crash land into the backyard of a cannibal tribe – ironically, the very same tribe they were trying to protect. From there, the arterial spray is heavy, but no one gets it worse than Jonah, who is first mutilated by the tribe’s female elder; she plucks out his eyeballs and cuts off his tongue, both of which, naturally, she consumes.

Another member of the tribe then brutally dismembers Jonah piece by piece, first cutting off his arms with a hatchet… followed by his legs… and then his head.



  • jacobia

    Poop, video content from eOne UGC blocked in the UK on copyright grounds ☹️

    • Saturn

      Don’t worry about it – you’re not missing much.
      The Green Inferno is cack.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    i have yet to watch this movie, it does not look great thought

  • Jay Bennett

    This movie is hot garbage but this is probably the best moment, before the other tones the horror conflicts with gets in the way

    • MODOK

      Agreed. I was really excited for this movie but it turned out to be Roth at his jaded, lazy worst. Still, between this and the plane crash, it at least had a couple memorably brutal scenes.

  • Munchie Strikes Back

    Worthless movie.

  • bondagegel

    I never understood the hate for this film. I found it genuinely terrifying and funny. It has a great set up with the SJWs making a seriously misguided trip to save the homeland of the very people that ultimately destroy them. It’s a hilarious liberal elite pisstake, and the villain student leader guy is easy and fun to hate.

    • Mr. Red Right Hand

      exactly, it’s just a fun time. cannibalism generally isn’t something that’s going to be critically praised

  • Rocky

    For what it was, I enjoyed it. It is nothing more or less what it set out to be: a homage to Italian cannibal films. I’m hoping the proposed sequel happens.

  • Vesuvian Villain

    I didn’t have a problem with it. It was a throwback and pretty gruesome where it needed to be, but on the whole it wasn’t very memorable either. Kind of like Cannibal Holocaust or Ferox, the point becomes the shock value. So on an effects level it’s interesting, but once you get past the novelty of seeing a bunch of privileged college dipshits realize they wandered into the wrong jungle, there’s not a lot left to give a fuck about. Eli Roth should have played one of the victims. If he knew how to act. Good.

    • Mr. Red Right Hand

      um, what did you expect? it’s Hostel in the jungle. roth doesn’t deviate from his formula – it works for his films imo

      • Vesuvian Villain

        Didn’t expect anything, that’s kind of the point. Keep expectations low and you can accept lots of shitty things.

    • Simon Allen

      But no one else in it really knew how to act either ….

      • Vesuvian Villain

        Good point man. Might as well have been 20 Eli Roths being raped, dismembered, and eaten. People might have actually watched that.

        • Saturn

          Well, I know some guys in Eastern Europe who have – ahem – places where you can live out your fantasies…. just pay 20,000 dollars into my Paypal account and I will arrange something nice for you……

          Although I can only provide one Roth – unless you’d accept David Lee at half price? Best get in soon though, when it get’s out that I can get a bona fide rock god the price will jump…….

          • Vesuvian Villain

            That is a tremendous offer buddy but the truth is, I can get David Lee Roth for free. You just get within earshot and dangle a small bag of any powdered white substance near him. He’d fall for sugar at this point. Then you just conk him over the head, take all his stuff, get some pictures posing with his unconscious body, toss him out of a moving car (keep it 25mph so there’s no permanent damage), and do it all over again every other weekend. He’s a pretty forgiving guy.

  • Simon Allen

    I watched this again the other day and I really like it as there is much to be enjoyed although some of the performances are terrible and even some of the effects are a bit wonky but on the whole it’s a fun ride and I do have a bit of a soft spot for some of Roths stuff .

    • Saturn

      I wonder if we will ever get that sequel that’s hinted at in the end credits?
      And no, before anyone asks, that’s not a spoiler.

      • Necro

        I was just wondering about that myself

      • Simon Allen

        I doubt it but never say never and that ending was so out of an 80’s video nasty wasn’t it ? LOL

    • Necro

      So do I, well except for that ‘Knock, Knock’ film, that there just got on my nerves. I think I was expecting more from it, and I usually like Keanu Reeves as an actor but that’s got to be his worst performance in a film IN MY OPINION anyway.

      • Simon Allen

        ALL the performances in that movie stank ….those girls were just terrible but at least he has Cate Blanchette in his new one so we can expect better .

      • Adean

        I hated “Knock Knock” with a fiery passion.

        • Necro

          Yep no joke there! I traded it in for store credit the next day!

          • Adean

            I did Redbox. And I chucked it back in the machine (very carefully so I wouldn’t pay a cent more) but I had loads of disgust in my heart.

  • sliceanddice

    “Sure, The Green Inferno has a handful of problems” HANDFUL?
    sky ferreira aside, i think the movie was terrible but maybe i’m in the minority

  • Meatwad

    Good movie in my opinion. I know I’ve seen worse. A ‘throwback’ to those 70’s cannibal films.

  • Dayglo

    The original “Hostel” remains Eli Roth’s best and most original horror film. “The Green Inferno” needed more gore, a longer running time and a stronger rating to elevate it to cult status. It had distribution problems that held up its release for ages. At one point, the rumor was that Troma was going to buy the rights. It was doomed from the get-go.

  • I Am Colossus

    You know I was excited for this movie. I was really engaged all the way to this scene…then I felt underwhelmed​. Just too much shown, it’s really special effectsy… Although props for doing it practical Mr. Roth….that was dope.

    • Saturn

      Especially that scene in the cage.
      Hey – a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do!

  • Necro

    Fucking brutal I absolutely loved it! The film gave me everything I was expecting. Didn’t go into it expecting a potential film of the year, I just greatly appreciated the tribute/throwback to the gory days! It’s one of the few things I as a fan can actually give thanks to Roth for.

  • To be honest I don’t think Green Inferno is hard to watch in due of the violence. Hostel is worse.
    I remember to watch Green Inferno with my female best friend, I said to her “get ready to get shocked with this horror film”, after the ending she said “ok, it wasn’t so violent as I thought”.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the movie, my rating is something like 7.5/10

    • Necro

      On the ‘Hostel’ note, I gotta give my nod to ‘Hostel 2’ for the infamous ‘blood bath’ scene! I feel so bad for that girl.

      • Me too, I was 12 years old when I saw that disturbing scene for the first time. I remember to close my eyes while I watched that.

        • Necro

          12?! Oooooh I bet that fucked you up for a little while after!

          • No, I just realized now, I was 13 years old during the summer of 2007, but anyway I felt shocked after to watch Hostel 2.
            But the movie that shocked me more was Martyrs, I was 15 and had a free time between the classes, so I invited some friends to watch the film. However, we were so scared with the final scene, that we tried to erase it of our minds.

  • Carl Chrystan

    I love the irony that you say 2015 was full of found footage films, and you saw this film that was an homage to cannibal films of the 70s, the greatest of which is seen as a found footage film! Am I on my own here? Probably.

  • anthonytwerkins

    Why is Jack Sparrow in this movie?

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