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Entire ‘Blade’ Trilogy Celebrated and Poked Fun at With Honest Trailers Video

The best and worst of Marvel were on full display in the Blade trilogy.”

The massive box office success of Marvel’s Black Panther, a deeply important film, has taken Hollywood by storm, though the claim that it’s the first blockbuster superhero film with a black lead is of course quite wrong. The first of that kind was actually 1998’s Wesley Snipes-starring Blade, also an adaptation of a Marvel Comics property.

At the time Blade came along, Marvel wasn’t having much success on the big screen; reflecting on the film today, it’s clear that it was a game-changer for Marvel, paving the way for everything that came in its wake. Blade was so successful at the box office, to the surprise of even those involved, that it spawned two sequels in the following years.

Blade II, directed by Guillermo del Toro, was released in 2002, and the trilogy came to a close with the Ryan Reynolds-starring Blade: Trinity, released in 2004.

The entire trilogy gets the Honest Trailers treatment in the popular series’ latest video, which highlights how important Blade was while poking fun at the franchise.



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