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Here’s a 15 Minute Supercut Video of Horror Villains Getting Killed Off

Dying is such a bitch.” – Chucky

Countless fans have cut together countless videos over the years that string together clips of awesome kills at the hands of horror movie villains, but Jarvis City has flipped the script and turned the tables for his latest video. He’s not shining the spotlight on the kills of killers this time around, but rather the *deaths* of horror movie killers.

He writes, “What’s your favorite villain death in a horror movie? Is it Mrs Voorhees getting her head lopped off in the original Friday The 13th? Maybe it’s watching Jack Torrance turn into an icicle in The Shining? Or perhaps its seeing the hokey Doctor Giggles, gasping his last breath, look directly into the camera and ask “Is there a doctor in the house”?

Whatever the case, we have the video for you. It’s basically a compilation of your favorite horror movie villains getting offed – from Freddy Krueger to Pennywise and everyone in-between.”




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