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In-Depth Video Examines Why Many Have Stopped Watching “The Walking Dead”

“Some fans have just had enough.”

I’m not sure I’ll ever give up on watching “The Walking Dead, but at the same time, I do understand why many have. Despite still kicking ass in terms of viewership, the show’s ratings have steadily been decreasing in recent years, suggesting that the once must-watch AMC zombie series has worn out its welcome for many, now eight seasons deep.

But *why* exactly have so many viewers tuned out these last couple seasons? The folks over on Looper dig deep for a video examining several potential explanations.

The biggest reason, if you’re asking me? “The Walking Dead” has unquestionably gotten stale in recent years, re-using storylines and just generally sticking to a set formula rather than bringing any real invention or excitement to the table. A fresh location and new storylines would do wonders to make the show a must-watch again.

Can we please get at least half a season wherein the actual zombies are the threat?!



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