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Report: ‘Resident Evil 7’ to be Revealed at E3 2014

Now this is interesting. According to a report by the Sankei Shimbun, a newspaper in Japan, Capcom will be revealing a “major PlayStation 4 title” at this year’s E3. There’s a very good chance this is another Resident Evil sequel. We know Resident Evil 7 is in development and that Capcom plans to try and reinvigorate the series with another reboot.

It may seem odd that only Sony’s platform was mentioned, but I’m sure the reasoning behind the newspaper’s not mentioning the Xbox has less to do with potential PS4 exclusivity — Resident Evil has long been a multiplatform series — and more to do with the Xbox’s insignificant foothold in Japan.

Lending a bit of credibility to this being a new Resident Evil game is the fact that Capcom recently held a contest on their Facebook page where they asked fans to share their favorite Resident Evil memories for a chance to be featured in a future Capcom title, likely Resident Evil 7.

I have some hope left for the series, though its inconsistent quality has diminished much of it. I’ve even ranted about it a few times. I hope Capcom is able to breathe new life into the series, because it’s still one of my favorites.

Either way, we’ll find out what this is sometime during E3 (June 10-12).

Sankei Shimbun via Siliconera




  • Man, I really hope they can turn it around with the new one. The last few have been disappointing, to say the least.

  • Sick_skwerl

    Take everything frightening from RE2 and cross-breed it with the general bad ass-ness of RE4. That’s my quick and un realistic solution haha.

    • Adam Dodd

      I fully support this.

    • Justin Goodwin

      They kinda did that with Leon’s side in RE6. They should have just made RE6 revolve around Leon


    if they are smart they need to stick to their word and bring back the old gameplay. Capcom really needs to get on the ball again. I’ve slowly started to lose interest after RE5…

  • Saren Nevac

    Make it horror based like RE1 and 2, take out the FPS shooter games from 4 onwards. If its not a horror based game then im not interested, R4 sucked so much that i stopped playing them.

    • Darkland22

      Man…your the first person that I’ve heard disliked RE4, I agree with
      you 100%!!! I don’t think it’s a bad game but there’s no scary moments
      that appealed to me, however, the gameplay is cool though. I enjoyed RE1
      and 3. When Nemesis chased my around the police station in 3, I was
      like man…this is awesome!!!

    • Patrick Tuohy

      They aren’t FPS games. You don’t play in first person. It’s called a third person.

    • Allan Cabrera

      Agree, except they need to adopt a more FPS style control scheme. I have always hated the wonkyness of the controls and characters from past RE games. I think a more CoD based control/gameplay set up would be a welcomed expansion along side a great horror storyline. The control you have over the CoD characters, it just feels smooth, and would work perfectly with a great Zombie game!

      • magnus dissmoll

        April 1st was three weeks ago.

      • magnus dissmoll

        April 1st was three weeks ago.

        • Dorjjodvo Batkhuu

          oh snap, you nailed it!

      • King Shelton

        this is why they have cod. We need old school RE with new elements. Not cod with zombies…sounds familiar

  • Bring back the character development and make them less superhumans – add the genuine element of shock – see Outlast.

    • huntermc

      They aren’t superhuman. What, you can’t shatter boulders with your bare fists?

  • LoveAnimation

    I really hope they will make the next Resident Evil game a scary horror game again and that they have finally learned that the fans dont want the Resident Evil series to be about action.

  • Patrick Tuohy

    General bad ass of RE4? If only it had any of that

  • Krug09

    Personally 1-5 were all good IMO. As long as the new game has a good story, voice acting, a few scares and fun gameplay i don’t care. i didn’t play 6 yet and i would say 2 is the best game…

  • Allan Cabrera

    They need to adopt a “Call of Duty-ish” style of gameplay, regardless of your likes and dislikes of the CoD series, one thing is for certain, the controls and the all around feel of the game is something that would not only look good but play good in a Resident Evil game. I’m not saying adopt a RE style zombie mode into CoD, but just the overall control and game feel of the CoD games.

    • Dan Griffin

      Call of Duty esque controls don’t work in a game that is, at its core, horror. The fluidity of the controls isn’t as scary as awkward slow, clunky controls…

  • ThunderDragoon

    As long as it’s everything 1-3 was and nothing like 4-6 was, we’re good. If they want an idea of how it should look and feel, the REmake is the perfect place to start.

    • magnus dissmoll

      Couldn’t agree more. RE4-6 were good action games, but not good RE games. RE5 is by far the worst in my opinion.. Revelations was ok though.

      • Waveboy

        I’m a big RE fan, but i just couldn’t for the life of me get into 6….it was god awful. There was even a button that TOLD you where to go which goes against everything that RE used to be. The visuals looked worse than 5’s and the controls felt broken…. It was nothing but a casualized sell out for these mindless ADD new genertaion gamers who want more bullet hell shooters. RE5 was pretty decent, at least when shiva wasn’t taking your carefully lined up shots, even though the entire experience was very cut and pace from RE4. Revelations? Mixed bag. The mindless episodic shootout filler was terrible and a cheap way to extend the game and the plot was convoluted and too anime-esque. the final boss battle was pretty amazing though. the last 15 minutes that took place on the final ship was such a classic RE tease!

  • Chris

    I would absolutely love a remake of RE1 using modern graphics(ps4, x1, pc). That game was magical for its time and brings a healthy dose of nostalgia.

    • The Dark Knight Detective

      well as there already has been a remake of Resi 1 for the Gamecube – which still to this day looks fantastic – I say they should tackle Resi 2 or 3…… or maybe both together in the one game! It could be possible as they both do happen at pretty much the same time as Resi 2’s events are sandwiched in between Resi 3. So yea, if it’s possible then why not?

    • Waveboy

      I agree. The original RE was magical and groundbreaking AND it was ‘true’ survival horror. You had to carefully watch your ammunition as they were the equivalent of diamonds. the sequels got more action heavy and ammo was available in larger quantaties. The PS1 original is still the best imo. I’d love to see a Resident Evil Wii U sequel make use of the Wii U game pad, or a PS4 followup(which will be the case) that utlilizes the move controller just like in RE4: Wii edition. no more dual analog thumb wiggling ‘aiming’ controls for me, i’m over it. it’s not immersive, engaging or fun anymore.

      Would of been amazing if RE3.5 saw the light of day.

  • Waveboy

    They need to Bring back barry or Claire, and give Leon, Chris and Jill a break….I want them to ditch the high octain action, bring back some clever tastey ‘thinking-man’ puzzles, lots of back tracking, limited ammo and do some sort of 3rd person + traditional RE(think remake) cinematic panning environments and use Sony move pointer controls for aiming. They need to do something new, to freshing things up. RE6 was the WRONG way to do it….

  • max

    Heh. RE7 is going to be awful because Capcom is awful now. Just look what they did with Operation Raccoon City and RE6 … they’re both fuckin disasters and desperate attempts to capture that Call of Duty audience, WHICH THEY ARE NEVER GOING TO ACCOMPLISH. So RE7 will be another crappy shooter with every element of gaming mashed in as a sad attempt to “appeal to everyone” …aka… the death knell of gaming.

  • LoveAnimation

    I hope they will also finally announce a new Silent Hill game at E3.
    Feels like its been forever since Silent Hill Downpour came out.

    • Nicholas Hickman

      SH 1-4 was by Team Silent, then they broke up and went to different companies. Western (United States) companies were then in charge of SH games. Hence the decline in the series. SH is dead.

      At least the creator of Silent Hill, has been working on actual survival horror titles. His new series is called Siren.

  • disqus_QysfYA2hp4

    I personally enjoyed all of them. I will say 1-3 were scary where 4-6 were more action base. Now if they could find a way to mix the two together and make it good it would be great.

  • Jackieboy

    If this one features Leon, Chris and/or Jill as the playable protagonists, count me out. Give some of the others a damn chance already.

  • VictorCrowley

    Would be awesome to see the series return to it’s horror survival roots. I only ever played through the first two, which by the sound of things was a good thing for me. I have played snippets of part 4, 5, and I believe 6 and wasn’t impressed. Stick with what works, Capcom. Street Fighter should’ve taught you this lesson all too well.

  • Fuck Your Feelings!..

    They need to make a remake of RE3 this time base on the U.B.S.S Along with carlos!

  • Brandon Dewitt Lewis

    I would like to see in the next Resident Evil game is all the characters that is alive in one game because the game would be fun to play in a exciting to play.

  • Nicholas Hickman

    RE7 follows Barry Burton and Claire Redfield as they gear up in power armour and slash their way through hordes of aliens with light sabers and in the end they fight a dragon and shout at it to make it fall off a cliff and fall to its death in a spike canyon. The End

    Where RE is heading in a nutshell folks. Don’t get your hopes up. Resident-Evil-is-dead. Long gone.

  • Abdo Hanfi

    we want a new story these characters became old maybe claire must be
    in the next part actually i love her style and its a long time since she
    had appeared and maybe if they made a chopper pilot that survive and
    become a part of the game it will be good right ??

  • Dan Griffin

    Can we have Rebecca Chambers back in it please? Aside from being a cool character, she’s one of the four Mansion survivors and she was just… Forgotten. Enough Leon, Enough Chris. Enough Jill, enough Claire (I know she’s not been in for a while)

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