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Amell Is Signed Through ‘Arrow’ Season 7


Rumors have been persisting lately about the end of “Arrow“.  The general idea of most of them involves the series ending after Season Five.  This line of thinking comes primarily from the fact that the producers initially stated at the starts of things that they had a five-year-plan.  Some fans have taken that to mean that they will stop after a fifth season no matter what.  Personally, I don’t see why you’d think that.  After all, “Supernatural” also had a five-year-plan and it’s now in its 11th season with no signs of stopping.

Going hand in hand with the silly “ending at S5” rumors is speculation that star Stephen Amell might soon be leaving the series.  While this again sounds ridiculous to my ears, I’ll leave the explanation to Amell himself this time…

I keep reading that I’m leaving Arrow. I’m not. I have a contract that runs through 2019. At least. Now… That doesn’t mean Arrow will run that long, but if it does… I’ll be here.

The actor routinely answers fan questions on his Facebook account, which is where the above statement came from.  So there you have it!  He’s not going anywhere.  Furthermore, his current contract apparently has him signed through the end of a potential SEVENTH season of the series.  His statement has killed two birds with one stone.

Bottom line?  Neither Stephen Amell nor “Arrow” will be leaving The CW anytime soon, especially if the series continues to be a huge hit for the network.  Sorry fans, but your rumors have failed this series.

  • Caden

    I completely agree. With the way they tend to leave seasons with cliffhangers they have to answer the questions fans have somehow. I would personally be disappointed to see the arrow end after 6 seasons, but if it does end make it interesting and not predictable. I wish for the arrow to air for years to come. What new bad guys or villins? Have more flash crossovers if the flash is still on, and bring mettas to star city. Or bring back drugs that affect people. Just be creative. The show can go on and on just like supernatural. If you want, even pull a flash. But instead of an evil oliver, evil team arrow everybody currently on the team. And on flash a evil team flash (not same story as savotar and no relation).

    • Brian Umsteadt

      I am on season 4 and love the show. I would love to see it continue forward.