[From Worst To Best] Marilyn Manson's Albums!
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[Ranked] Marilyn Manson’s Albums!



“The High End of Low” (2009)


After the 2007 debacle Eat Me, Drink Me, it had officially been six years since Manson impressed me (with “TGAOG”). It was also the first time that I had doubted a release, feeling less than enthused about what he would accomplish.

Reuniting (finally) with Twiggy, The High End of Low is one of the most surprising album in recent memory, delivering all sorts of wicked acoustic riffs – in songs like “Four Rusted Horses”, “I Have to Look Up Just to See Hell”, and “Into the Fire” – that build to an explosive climax. It was also a return to his rock-ready form blasting out classics like “Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon” and “We’re from America”.

And the true gift of High End of Low are the leaked variations that lack production value (in a super good way), giving them a sort of 1980’s metal sound, only with a heavy dose of acoustic instruments. Dare I say they remind me of …and Justice For All?

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