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Windhand’s Garrett Morris Shares His Favorite Childhood Halloween Items



Just recently we premiered the music video for Windhand‘s “Two Urns”. Perfectly crafted for the Halloween season, we decided that we weren’t done with the band and wanted some more from them. That’s why we got guitarist Garrett Morris to compile a list of his favorite childhood horror/Halloween items, a list that is brimming with nostalgia.

Morris explains:

Listed here are 9 of my favorite childhood horror/Halloween items. I still own all of the originals. Some of them even date back to the late 70’s when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I also included Kirk Hammett’s Too Much Horror Business as the 10th item on the list. I think it’s the best book of its kind and showcases an absolutely amazing collection of horror and Halloween related toys. I never get tired of looking through it.

>“Two Urns” comes from the band’s latest album Grief’s Infernal Flower. You can order your copy here.

Horror Sounds of the Night

Made by Topstone Industries in the 1980’s. The greatest Halloween sound effects cassette ever made.

Topstone Industries


They made the best Halloween products in the 1970’s & 1980’s. Available at every 5 & Dime and local drug store.

Mad Magazine: Super Special Summer ’83 Horror & Sci-Fi issue


One of the best issues of Mad Magazine ever. Worth owning just for Sergio Aragones’ “The Vampire”.

Rip Van Winkle & The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


Illustrated by David Levine: One of my first books as a child. David Levine’s art perfectly compliments both stories.

Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride and memorabilia

One of my earliest and fondest childhood memories. I became obsessed with it from the age of 4 and still search for memorabilia.

Randotti Skulls


My mother bought me a Randotti skull on a trip to Disney World in 1978. I still have it sitting on a shelf over my stereo. Amazing that at one time Disney commissioned these to be sold at their parks.

Edward Gorey artwork


I was always attracted to his art as a child. I would watch the PBS program “Mystery” just to see the opening animation. His cover art for the book “Masterpieces of Terror and the Supernatural” is a favorite.

‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch’ soundtrack

One of John Carpenter’s best soundtracks. One of my favorite horror movies. A completely underrated and under appreciated film.

‘The Fog’ soundtrack

Another of Carpenter’s best soundtracks. The music creeped me out so bad as a kid.

Kirk Hammett: Too Much Horror Business


Completely amazing book of Kirk Hammett’s collection of horror memorabilia, movie props, and toys. Probably the best book of its kind. I really hope he does another volume.

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