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Paul Naschy Resurrected In ‘Wax’



Horror icon Paul Naschy – who has portrayed the Wolfman, Frankenstein’s Monster, Count Dracula, the Hunchback and even the Mummy – has been resurrected and turned to Wax in Víctor Matellano’s first feature film.

“Wax tells the story of a young journalist employed to spend a night at Barcelona’s Wax Museum, where paranormal activities are supposed to be taking place. He must record everything happening there. In the museum there are different wax figures including Dr. Knox one, a sadist cannibal surgeon who loves dressing up as Vincent Price in House of Wax. Soon, the journalist will start feeling he is not alone….

Jack Taylor, Geraldine Chaplin and Jimmy Shaw also star.

Naschy was brought back to life using his real voice (taken from old theatrical recordings), which comes from an animatronic wax figure.

Colin Arthur created all of the effects by hands, which are 80’s inspired.

Check out some pretty fantastic stills and a trailer.

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