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Hell Breaks Loose In ‘jeruZalem’ (Exclusive First Look!)



Now that the holidays are simmering down, cool off in a pool of exclusive first look images from jeruZalem, an end-of-the-world horror-thriller from the Paz Brothers (Yoav and Doron Paz)!

Here’s the plot crunch: “Realistic and never before seen footage of the worst prophesy in the bible – Judgment Day. While visiting in Jerusalem, Three American tourists find themselves trapped inside the city walls as an apocalyptic event is spreading all over the city. Will they escape the city before all hell breaks loose?

Yael Grobglas (known for his role in the Israeli horror Rabies), Yon Tumarkin, Tom Graziani, and Danielle Jadelyn star.

The Paz Brothers spoke to us about their influence and the genesis of jeruZalem.

Ever since we were kids, we remember our family trips to Jerusalem as a holy, intense, mystical and especially scary experience,” they tell Bloody Disgusting. “Even the non-religious people (like us) are excited from the thought that the Holy Bible is actually buried in the streets of this city. There is a local “joke” in Israel that you shouldn’t dig holes in the ground of Jerusalem because you’ll definitely find some ancient bones of somebody buried there thousands of years ago – a perfect setting for a horror movie.

Around the time we started working on ‘jeruZalem’, we read about Google’s new ground breaking gadget – the Google Glass,” they continued. “As filmmakers, we thought – this could be a great and interesting way of screenwriting. Using this technology, we can take the audience inside the head of the character (Sarah) and using social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter etc.) as a dramatic engine to the story. This way the viewers can have the real experience of the protagonist (Sarah) running for her life while all hell breaks loose.

We believe that ‘jeruZalem’ offers the audience an exciting combination of traditional cinema together with a great, new, up-to-date way of storytelling.

As you can see in the exclusive first images, the scope of this movie looks massive and we couldn’t be more excited to see the final product. The film is currently in post, which hopefully means we won’t be waiting too long.

The Paz Brothers’ first film, Phobidilia, premiered at TIFF and also played in the Panorama section of Berlin.

Those who enjoyed the astounding Big Bad Wolves should be excited to see what comes next from these Israeli horror filmmakers.

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