'The Void' Monsters Start Spluttering To Life - Bloody Disgusting
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‘The Void’ Monsters Start Spluttering To Life



After raising an astronomical $82,500 USD on Indiegogo solely to be used on the practical effects elements, The Void has begun making monsters for their feature film in Toronto.  Astron 6’s Steven Kostanski has been busy at work fabricating maquettes & casting the face of associate producer Brooklyn Boehme, who will be integrated into a key creature in the hellish hospital set movie.

Not to be called slack a new expansion of the award winning faux trailer BIO-COP has also been shot to extend the misery of the suicidal melting crime fighter abomination.  With a serious death wish & the promise of ninja stars the video with personalized fourth wall breaking shout outs will be delivered to those who picked up this perk by the end of June.  Some notable film festivals were seen to be taking out this level so expect to see it on the circuit or social media soon.


If you missed out on the project while it was in crowd funding take a look at the concept trailer below to sample the atmosphere & terror that lurks in The Void.

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In the spirit of transparency I helped out with the crowd funding on the project & consider the film making team friends.