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‘Gremlins’ Director Howls For ‘Ombra Amore’



Burying the Ex

If you can’t get a project off the ground. Change the title so it doesn’t look “damaged.” Thankfully, Joe Dante’s Burying the Ex is getting rave reviews and has given fresh life to the project formerly known as Monster Love.

Joe Dante’s long-planned Monster Love is hitting the market scene with a new title, Ombra Amore.

THR says that it begins at the Rome Film Festival’s New Cinema Network co-production market, dubbed “Great Beauties,” focusing on films that promote Italy as an ideal production partner for global films.

One of its eight projects this year is Dante’s Ombra Amore. The Gremlins director, who premiered his latest film Burying the Ex, pictured, in Venice this year, has his sights set on underground Rome as the setting for the vampire/werewolf love story that puts a classical Romeo and Juliet tale into today’s financial crisis-ridden Italy.

Pete is a werewolf whose pack is a crew of hotheaded financial traders responsible for Italy’s current economic crisis. Maggie is a vampire whose family is a formerly-wealthy aristocratic clan brought to bankruptcy by the greedy werewolves. Amongst a series of other-worldly troubles, it remains to be seen whether or not their love can survive among the warring families.

“Rome. The Eternal City of Gods and Monsters. Where a She-Wolf suckled Romulus and Remus,” said Dante in a statement. “And what could be more eternal than Un-death?” Ombra Amore is budgeted at around $14.6 million. Dante promises “a compelling new take on a classic genre.”

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