WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 88 - Miami Cannibal / Microwave - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 88 – Miami Cannibal / Microwave



Bon Appétit Friends and Neighbors!

I hope you brought your appetite, because today we have a heaping double serving of films to satisfy your cravings for horror and gore. As a great man once said, “Food has always played a vital role in life’s rituals.” This episode of World of Death explores two films with an underlying culinary motif. Death is on the menu in heavy helpings with MIAMI CANNIBAL and MICROWAVE.

First up is a serving of fright, sliced right from the tenderloin of the world news headlines. Kyle Clement’s Miami Cannibal shows us the depths to which man will descend when fate brings two very different types of desperate individuals together, each seeking a bite to eat. One is looking for some take out, while the other hits the drive thru. With gross-out scenes rivaling the feast of Ishtar in “Blood Feast” and a soundtrack that is truly foreboding, this short teaches you why it is better to season your food with your salts, rather than eating them before you dine.

If home cooking is more your style, our second course is most certainly a meal fit for a Hungry Man. In Douglas Wicker’s Microwave we see how the best-laid plans can blow up in your face. Here the gore factor is cranked up to max heat when a college party gets out of hand. Expect the unexpected when Chelsea forgets to pay attention to her drink cup and Cheddar is playing bartender. This costume party takes a turn to the cold side when panic sets in, needless to say a penicillin allergy will be the least of their worries when Cheddar is cooking.

I hope you enjoy today’s specials. Share this with your friends and neighbors and remember… the menu changes twice a week!
– Eric Breitenbach

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