First 'Slice' of Pizza-themed Slasher Starring Chance the Rapper - Bloody Disgusting
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First ‘Slice’ of Pizza-themed Slasher Starring Chance the Rapper



A24, the company behind such genre films as Under the Skin, Tusk, Ex Machina, The Witch, Green Room, The Blackcoat’s Daughter, and more recently It Comes at Night and A Ghost Story, has shared a brand new image from Slice, a new horror slasher that stars Chance the Rapper.

Fellow Chicago native Austin Vesely directs the film that also stars Zazie Beetz, Paul Scheer, and Will Brill (Eyes Of My Mother, “The OA”).

While the previously shared teaser doesn’t reveal anything about the plot, we learned that it follows a pizza delivery driver who is murdered on the job, leaving the city searching for someone to blame: ghosts? drug dealers? a disgraced werewolf?

“It’s a city where ghosts and humans come together; there’s a ghost town and a regular town,” producer Brett Hays said last year during filming. “It just kind pokes fun and has fun with those genres.”

The footage looks pretty gnarly and the fact that A24 would put it in theaters means they have strong confidence in it.

Shot in Joliet, we expect to see this at SXSW before its release.