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Gruesome ‘Housewife’ Trailer Peels Back All the Skin (Exclusive)



Can Evrenol took us to hell with his nightmarish Baskin, which I called a “spine-tingling tale straight outta hell.” Now, Evrenol is about to hit the road with his absolutely bonkers Housewife, which was shot in his native Istanbul and continues his brand of horrors. We now have the world exclusive trailer premiere for this must-see sexy and mortifying mix of David Cronenberg, Clive Barker, and Dario Argento. With no actual dialogue spoken in this festival teaser, Evrenol promises to that the extreme sex and violence to the next level.

In the film, “Holly’s childhood was a nightmare—at age 7, she watched her mother kill her sister and father. Twenty years later, Holly’s dreams remain plagued by that painful memory. An unexpected reunion with an old friend further complicates matters, introducing Holly to a strange cult-like group that follows a celebrity psychic, one who takes a special liking to Holly. And because of him, her worst nightmares become shockingly real.

Clémentine Poidatz, David Sakurai, and Alicia Kapudağ star.

Housewife will have its North American premiere at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival.

The music for the teaser is by Dmitri S. Belski and Alican Yazıcıoğlu, and the original soundtrack is composed by Antoni Maiovvi.

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