A Look at the Films Playing the Abertoir Horror Film Festival - Bloody Disgusting
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A Look at the Films Playing the Abertoir Horror Film Festival



Aberystwyth saves the best for last in the UK horror film festival circuit.  Spanning a massive six days of screenings, master classes & of site events the full line up has been revealed ahead of the November 14th kickoff.  Take a look below as the schedule for the event which has Vincent Price as the office patron Saint of the fest.  Keep up to date with happening as well as Facebook Live Q&A sessions on their page as well as Twitter & Instagram with the hashtag #Abertoir2017.

Tue 14 Nov 18:00
Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key (18)
(Sergio Martino, Italy 1972, 96mins)

2015: Sergio Martino in Conversation with Phillip Escott

22:00 All the Colours of the Dark (18)
(Sergio Martino, Italy 1972, 94 mins)

Midnight Meatball Machine Kodoku (18adv)
(Yoshihiro Nishimura, Japan 2017, 108 mins, subtitled)
Wed 15 Nov, 12:15
Vampire Clay (18adv) – UK PREMIERE
(Sôichi Umezawa, Japan 2017, 80 mins, subtitled)
1400: All the Colours of the Giallo presentation by Dr. Russ Hunter
15:15 Blood and Black Lace (18)
(Mario Bava, Italy 1964, 88 mins)

17:15 Mon Mon Mon Monsters (18adv)
(Giddens Ko, Taiwan 2017, 113 mins, subtitled)

20:00 Tokyo Ghoul (18adv)
(Kentarô Hagiwara, Japan 2017, 119 mins, subtitled)

2200: Pub Quiz

Midnight Return to Return to Nuke ‘em High (AKA Vol 2) (18adv)
(Lloyd Kaufman, USA 2017, 72 mins)

Thu 16 Nov, 13:00
The Bloodstained Shadow (18)
(Antonio Bido, Italy 1978, 109 mins)

1530: Spaghetti and Splatter a presentation by Gavin Baddeley

17:00 The Sleep Curse (18adv)
(Herman Yau, Hong Kong 2017, 102 mins, subtitled)

19:30 Better Watch Out (15)
(Chris Peckover, Australia/USA 2016, 89 mins)

21:30 Housewife + Q&A TBC (18adv)
(Can Evrenol, Turkey 2017, 82 mins)

Midnight What the Waters Left Behind (18adv) – UK PREMIERE
(Luciano & Nicolás Onetti, Argentina/New Zealand 2017, 98 mins, subtitled)

Fri 17 Nov, 12:30
Tales of Terror (15)
(Roger Corman, USA 1962, 89 mins)

1430: Peter Lorre: The Master of Menance a presentation by Dr. Sarah Thomas

15:45 The Mimic (15adv)
(Jung Huh, South Korea 2017, 100 mins, subtitled)

18:00 Canaries + Q&A (15adv)
(Peter Stray, Wales 2017, 86 mins)
20:30, Off-Site Demons (18)
(Lamberto Bava, Italy 1985, 88 mins)
20:30, Off-site Opera (18)
(Dario Argento, Italy 1987, 107 mins)
Sat 18 Nov, 11:45
Diani and Devine Meet the Apocalypse (15adv)
(Etta Devine & Gabriel Diani, USA 2016, 90mins)
13:45 The Endless (15adv)
(Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead, USA 2017, 111 mins)
1600: Nicko and Joe’s Bad Film Club
18:30 A Blade in the Dark (18)
(Lamberto Bava, Italy 1983, 110 mins)
2045: Lamberto Bava in Conversation with Stephen Thrower
22:00 Five Dolls for an August Moon (15)
(Mario Bava, Italy 1970, 81 mins)
2330: The Giallo Lounge with sounds by DJ Dellamorte
Sun 19 Nov, 12:00
The Housemaid (15adv)
(Derek Nguyen, Vietnam/South Korea 2016, 105mins, subtitled)
1415: Short Films Competition
16:45 The Lodgers + Q&A TBC – UK PREMIERE (15adv)
(Brian O’Malley, Ireland 2017, 93 mins)
1915: Theatre Show: A Pandemonium of Poe live theatre show
21:30 Top Knot Detective (15adv)
(Aaron McCann & Dominic Pearce, Australia 2017, 87 mins)


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