Artist Turns Horror Icons into Snowmen You'll Want to Build for Yourself - Bloody Disgusting
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Artist Turns Horror Icons into Snowmen You’ll Want to Build for Yourself



The weather outside is about to get frightening.

Halloween is officially over, which means that the frigid winds of Winter will soon be upon us. Believe it or not, we’re already just two weeks away from Thanksgiving, and Christmas will be here in just over a month. I guess time flies when you’re waiting for Halloween, huh?

Along with the Christmas season comes a whole host of Christmas-themed horror gems to watch, including personal favorites Christmas Evil, Silent Night, Deadly Night and Black Christmas, so expect lots of fun content in the coming weeks that’s geared towards holiday horrors.

In the meantime, let’s turn some horror icons into snowmen.

Digital artist and illustrator Nikita Veprikov is the man behind these digitally-created snowmen of three horror icons: Freddy Krueger, Saw‘s Billy and Hannibal Lecter!

Anyone want to take a crack at making these in real life this Winter?

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