Artist Just Made a Replica of Ripley's Futuristic 'Alien' Watch - Bloody Disgusting
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Artist Just Made a Replica of Ripley’s Futuristic ‘Alien’ Watch



This is apparently what watches will look like in the year 2122.

Ellen Ripley, in addition to being a badass monster-slayer, is also something of a fashion icon. Remember those futuristic Reeboks she wore in Aliens, for example? Replica pairs sell for a pretty penny, as fans will spare no expense to look as cool as Ripley. And let’s not forget the double watch she rocks in 1979’s Alien, set in the year 2122.

What does 2122 technology look like, through the lens of 1970s cinema? Well, Ripley’s watch was essentially two Casio watch heads in one, joined together by an orange rubber piece. We’re pretty sure that something much cooler will actually be used to tell time once 2122 is upon us, but hey, Ridley Scott can only predict so much.

Why are we yammering on about an old watch made to look like a futuristic watch? The artist Steelberg, known for his faux VHS boxes for current day horror movies, just took to social media this week to show off his hand-made replica of Ripley’s watch from Alien!

We thought it was cool. So check it out below. Then go make your own.