[Tonight] Shudder Celebrates "Halfway to Halloween" with a FREE Livewatch of 'Mayhem', Hosted By Joe Lynch! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Tonight] Shudder Celebrates “Halfway to Halloween” with a FREE Livewatch of ‘Mayhem’, Hosted By Joe Lynch!



All month long Shudder is celebrating Halfway to Halloween, with creepy curated collections to kick off the countdown to All Hallows’ Eve!

This week they’re highlighting Nunsploitation; films featuring demonic convents, unholy communions, and of course, killer nuns with some very bad habits! Catch Dark Waters, Killer Nun and MS. 45 all streaming now on Shudder.

Shudder is kicking off the month-long event with a FREE Livewatch of Mayhem, hosted by Shudder and director Joe Lynch, who’ll be Tweeting during his bloody workplace revenge film. Join the madness tonight at 9 PM EST.

Try Shudder free for a month by going to shudder.com and entering promo code BLOODY at checkout.


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