'Happy Death Day 2U' End Credit Sequence Will Tease "Really Bonkers" Third Film We May Be Getting - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Happy Death Day 2U’ End Credit Sequence Will Tease “Really Bonkers” Third Film We May Be Getting



It surely goes without saying that if Happy Death Day 2U performs well at the box office this week, there’s a good chance we’ll be getting a third installment of the time loop slasher franchise, and indeed writer/director Christopher Landon does intend, at this moment in time, on making a trilogy out of Tree’s struggles with dying over and over and over again.

Speaking with EW, Landon teases that an end credits sequence holds the clues to HDD 3.

There’s a big clue already in [Happy Death Day 2U]. There’s an end credit sequence, so people who stick around, they’ll see that,” Landon told the site. “But, beyond that, mum’s the word right now.”

He added, “I have more than an idea. I always imagined this as a trilogy, so I have the third movie, but it’s just a question of whether this one does well. I would love to make the third one. I think it’s a really bonkers, fun idea.”‘

Jessica Rothe is back in Happy Death Day 2U, wherein Tree Gelbman discovers that dying over and over was surprisingly easier than the dangers that lie ahead.

Happy Death Day 2U will release on Wednesday, February 13.

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