Indie Horror Spotlight: Syxx Pixx Volume 2 - Bloody Disgusting
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Indie Horror Spotlight: Syxx Pixx Volume 2



Birds have been stuffed, relatives are shoved out the door and it is time again for a new set of Syxx Pixx! Before we kick off this week’s indie horror list, there are a couple updates that have come to pass since we first rolled out this feature two weeks ago.
First off, the raffle tickets to help both fund and gain a chance to appear in The Undertakers are $10 instead of the previous stated $25. Take advantage of the deal by clicking here.

The next update came from Bloodsuckers from Outer Space‘s director himself. Glen informed me that Media Blasters picked up his ’80s classic for distribution on DVD come December 30th. This new DVD improves on the original with new special features and included a quote from yours truly on the back! You can pre-order the new edition over at

Now, onto the show.

Currently on DVD:Jonathan Gorman and Thomas Edward Seymour’s Bikini Bloodbath Carwash film continues on the group’s “Strangers with Candy” style of comedy that we saw in Bikini Bloodbath. A twisted chef from the Sausage Party Restaurant is on the loose, and in classic fashion, his main prey come in the form of scantily clad minxes. Hopefully salvation can come in the form of the “totally straight” high school boys…

While National Lampoon keeps rolling out unfunny boob-fests aimed at 15 year olds, the Bikini Bloodbath take the tired formula and manage to do more with it on a far lower budget. The acting is what you can expect from an indie outing, but the writing and sight gags are clever enough to cover up the imperfections.

Bikini Bloodbath series has one more film left to come out, Bikini Bloodbath Christmas, but the previous two are available now for.

Bikini Blood Bath Car Wash TRAILER

Currently on DVD: Justin Warren`s Zombabies … You know what? I can’t even explain just how cool it is to see zombie babies fly through the are and the inevitable violence that they meet with via a chainsaw and a pissed off nanny. But how did the babies get this way? Mr. Warren answers that question with his follow up Hazmat J. Check out the trailer for it below and follow the series on DVD here.

Hazmat J Trailer

Currently on the film festival circuit: Bubba’s Chili Parlor was a big surprise that came my way earlier this year. When you’ve worked in the horror genre long enough, one learns to dread any indie zombie movie. It is undeniable that several low budget pictures based on the zombie subgenre ends up as a giant clusterfuck. That, however, was not the case with film by Joey Evans.

Out in a rural part of Texas stands Bubba’s Chili Parlor. One day, a local stops by with some meat from the near by slaughterhouse. Never accept another man’s meat … Bubba’s new chili cooks up more trouble than anyone could have guessed as those who consume the down-home cookin’ quickly turn into human flesh craving fiends. Texans + Guns + Zombies + Zombie boners equaled a great win!

The undead and violence pile up quite nicely and a memorable performance from Audrey Elizabeth Evans really sold the movie and gave it a heart. I’m not the only one who believes in this film as it has even appeared across the pond in the U.K. Now … if we could only get it a distribution deal here in the states.

Trailer – Bubba’s Chili Parlor

Currently in the works: K.M. Jamison contacted me a couple months back regarding a project he was trying to get off the ground called Serial.

The artwork and synopsis does pique my interest, but we don’t have to wait around to see what K.M. has to offer in the form of a teaser trailer.

Serial – FINAL CUT from Michael Scola on Vimeo

When I last spoke to Mr. Jamison, he informed me that he is currently putting together a short prologue to help drum up funds to get the real deal rolling, “We’re filming a 45 minute prologue called SERIAL: Amoral Uprising and so far it’s coming together very nicely. Close to a month away from shooting and we already have the cast set, script finalized, funding in the bank, sound guy, wardrobe, set design, locations set and spfx being put together so we’re really going to take our time on this one. We want to get as much hype and exposure as we possibly can for this so people will get even more excited about the release of the full feature in 2009. We do have a short teaser up on the site if you want to check it out…

Thanks for reading the first Syxx Pixx, please feel free to e-mail me your suggestions or film titles you think need some attention right here!


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