Horror Vet Takes Us to 'The Peak' of Terror in 3D - Bloody Disgusting
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Horror Vet Takes Us to ‘The Peak’ of Terror in 3D



It’s time to climb The Peak, a new supernatural thriller being helmed by Simon Crane in 3-D from a screenplay by genre veteran Neal Marshall Stevens – also known as Benjamin Carr – who penned Thir13en Ghosts, Hellraiser: Deader, The Creeps, Night Flier and a million different other genre films. Shooting was set to commence this January from the company behind Law Abiding Citizen, although I’m not sure if it’s in production yet. You can check out the synopsis and early art below. I love the concept of supernatural events happening at the top of a dangerous mountain. Kinda cool.
The Peak is a 3-D supernatural thriller set in the Himalayas on the world’s most dangerous mountain. Its name is Nanga Parbat, but the locals call it “The Killer Mountain” because they believe it is haunted. Although it is only the sixth-highest peak in the world, more climbers have died on its slopes than even on Mount Everest.

This is the story of an American man who led a rescue up the peak a year ago, saw things that defy explanation, and has refused to climb again. Instead, he hides out, hermit-like, in a Himalayan village waiting for the annual visit of his 10-year-old daughter.

And then his worst nightmare happens: her plan crashes atop the peak. She’s alive. But an air rescue is out of the question. He is her only chance of survival – he has no choice but to lead a small team on a climb where no-one dares to tread.


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