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Ashley Greene Conjures Up ‘The Apparition’



Hot of the heels of her success in Twilight, star Ashley Greene has been out in Berlin toplining Todd Lincoln’s The Apparition, Dark Castle’s supernatural chiller that follows a couple who are haunted by a supernatural presence that is unleashed during a college experiment. Out promoting her SXSW film Skateland, Green revealed a bit more about the plot and tone of Apparition, which is now finishing up production in Los Angeles.
“The Apparition is something I’m currently filming. We just got back from Germany this week, we were there for about two months filming at Babelsberg Studio and we start filming again in about a week in Los Angeles,” she tells Cinematical. “The film actually takes place in L.A. which is the funny thing about this business, because we went to Germany to shoot it, we came back to shoot exteriors. It’s a psychological thriller that centers around these two characters, Kelly and Ben, who are played by myself and Sebastian Stan. We play a couple who are haunted by a supernatural force and we have to figure out what this thing wants. I definitely learned a lot of things about myself while filming this…

She continues comparing it to Poltergeist, “I was terrified, and as far as just being vulnerable and sad and hurt, and strong… it’s not a horror film; we want it to be elevated and scary along the lines of Poltergeist, so I definitely didn’t want Kelly to be one of those scared, dumb girls in a horror movie. So we all worked together, it’s been a huge collaboration in making these characters really smart.

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