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Face, Meet Giant Stinger in Insane New Images From ‘Sucker’!



I love creature features, especially when it takes itself very seriously. I’m really looking forward to Michael Manasseri’s Sucker, which stars Manasseri as a man who becomes part mosquito and rescues the object of his affection by sucking the blood of her assailants. Sweet. Danny Mooney, Monty Ban and Kimberley Kates all star in the film from the director of Babysitter Wanted. Check out your first look at the “mansquito” by reading below. What do you guys think?
Lovable loser Jim Crawley is having a pretty bad day. He gets fired from his job at the Nuclear Power Plant he’s worked at for 11 years, his car gets impounded, and he discovers his wife is having an affair with his ex co-worker. To make matters worse, Jim gets abducted by an evil scientist who is conducting tests of a controversial vaccine against a deadly virus that is spreading across the planet. It turns out that years of being exposed to nuclear radiation and a serum full of a rare insect DNA doesn’t mix very well with Jim…..he mutates into a six foot, blood sucking, half human, half-insect that sets out for revenge. The film is a mix of comic book adventure/live action/3d animation and stylized photography.

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