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Trapped in a House with a Madman in ‘The Incite Mill’



Japanese director Hideo Nakata has a lot going on these days, especially with both Chatroom and now The Incite Mill (7-Day Death Game) ramping up for release this coming year. The official website was launched for the thriller that features a pretty intense teaser trailer that displays absolutely nothing (it’s kinda of funny actually). The film features a group of individuals who end up trapped in a house with a psychopath. The Incite Mill will open in Japan on October 16, 2010.
The pic, which is a based on an eponymous bestseller by Honobu Yonezawa, tells a “Big Brother”-ish tale of 10 people who hire on for a “job” paying $1,200 per hour, only to find themselves locked in an underground complex and forced to play a murder game for seven days.

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