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Sins Come Back to Life in ‘The Sacred’



“Some places are better left alone. ” From Jose Zambrano Casella comes The Sacred, which stars Jessica Blackmore and Jordan Wall.

A group of University students travel to a remote, sacred land deep in the heart of the Florida swamps to complete their senior thesis project on Native American Folklore. Hundreds of years ago, this place was used by Indians to pass judgment on criminals and unwanted members of their tribal community. Legend has it that these grounds have the magical ability to bring past victims back to life, ultimately punishing or killing whoever is guilty, but no one has yet to find proof. As the students make their way down the trail, they come across an ancient ceremonial site.

They are suddenly faced with visions of their past they wish they had forgotten. One by one, their memories become reality, and everyone they ever committed a sin against, now has the power to get even. As they beg for forgiveness for their previous mistakes, they realize they can do nothing but accept their fate in the same way their victims did, but worse.


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