The Undead Head West in 'The Dead and the Damned' - Bloody Disgusting
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The Undead Head West in ‘The Dead and the Damned’



The undead head to the West with The Dead and the Damned, Rene Perez’s horror Western premiering at San Francisco’s Another Hole In The Head film festival.

It is 1849 in Jamestown California and the Gold rush is in effect. The local miners are eager to search everyday hoping to come out on top with the best and most gold from the hills and valleys. During an expedition the miners stumble upon a rock (Meteor) and they bring it into town. While trying to figure what this rock can be, the locals release deadly spoors located inside of the Meteor and soon the towns population begins to turn into deadly blood thirsty Zombies/mutants. Will the remaining townsfolk survive this unspeakable event?

Check out the trailer and all of its goodness below.


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