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Devildriver’s Dez Fafara And Lamb Of God’s Mark Morton Have Music Written Together



As a big fan of both Devildriver and Lamb Of God, I’m really excited to hear (via Dez Fafara’s Twitter) that Dez Fafara (singer of Devildriver) and Mark Morton (guitarist of Lamb Of God) have collaborated on a music project. According to these tweets, 14 tracks have been put together over the past four years and there is no expected release date. Dez says that the end result is unlike what people would normally expect.

Fafara used the opportunity of announcing this project to also clear the air about some other issues. Although Dez has said he would love to do some shows with Coal Chamber, he is quick to make sure that people don’t think Devildriver is taking a hiatus. In fact, he states that the band is booked through Feb. of 2013 (!!!) and that a new album will be recorded in that time.

Alright people, what do you think this project sounds like? More importantly, how much do you want to hear it?


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