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‘Darkroom’ Fight Scene Gets Too Real



“Gossip Girl” star Kaylee Defer and actor Steve Stanulis suffered a number of injuries after a fight scene for their new movie got out of hand, reports Contact Music.

The pair was filming upcoming horror Darkroom, which also stars “Law & Order”‘s Elizabeth Rohm, at a bar on Staten Island, New York on Thursday night (June, 29, 2011) in scenes which show their characters embroiled in a brawl with club bouncers.

However, the fake fight didn’t run smoothly – DeFer was left with bruised ribs and Stanulis had a twisted knee, according to New York Post gossip column Page Six.

The stars carried on and re-filmed the scene before seeking medical treatment.

In the film DeFer plays Michelle, whom takes a job recommended by her counselor that lands her trapped in a mansion with three psychotic siblings hell bent on purging Michelle of her sins.
Pictured: Kaylee Defer

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