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TV: [Next On] Tate Brings On the Apocalypse in ‘American Horror Story’?



FX’s “American Horror Story” has been building and building and building into what we’re all hoping is a monstrous season finale. Each episode I expect everything to fall apart, and yet, this Beetlejuice-esque horror tale finds a way to take things even further. Seriously, how good can it get? Apparently, really, really, realllllly good.

Inside you’ll find a preview of next Wednesday’s episode 01.09 “Spooky Little Girl” that promises that “one of history’s most famous murder victims pays the house a visit, while Constance (Jessica Lange) discovers more of Tate’s (Evan Peters) bad behavior.

Bad behavior is an understatement, at least according to the following clip that basically states Tate could be responsible for bringing the Antichrist into the world. WOWSA.

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