[Random "Kinda" Cool] Audi 2012 Game Day Vampire Promo - Bloody Disgusting
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[Random “Kinda” Cool] Audi 2012 Game Day Vampire Promo



I’m a big commercial guy because I enjoy the game of trying to decode who the company is selling to and if they’ve succeeded (the most recent one to drive me insane is the insanely feminine Dr. Pepper 10 that’s marketed to MEN, go figure).

With the Superbowl just a week away, Audi has already released their new “Game Day” promo that asks you to find out what happens when an Audi S7 shows up at a party full of vampires. The promo is clever and pretty funny, but it had me asking one simple question: do 13-year-old girls who obsess over Twilight buy Audi cars? Or, have a misplaced the Twilight fan base as kids and the truth is that everyone is a Twilight fan (except me, of course)? Enough of my over-thinking shenanigans, enjoy the spot above and celebrate that horror in taking over every facet of our lives (even though I’m a selfish bastard and don’t want to share it with the mainstream movie fan). Now off to listen to Echo & the Bunnymen’s “The Killing Moon”!


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