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Meet One Of The Witches Of Rob Zombie’s ‘Salem’!



Lords of Salem

Things have been quiet in Salem, at least until today. This morning writer-director Rob Zombie released a pair on new photos from the editing bay that depict Meg Foster as Margaret Morgan, leader of the coven of witches known as The Lords of Salem (also the title of the film).

Ernest Thomas, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Torsten Voges, Bruce Dern, Sheri Moon Zombie, Dee Wallace, Billy Drago, Richard Lynch, Lisa Marie, Maria Conchita Alonso, Ken Foree, Bruce Davidson, Christopher Knight, Michael Berryman and Sid Haig all star alongside Foster.

The story is about a local DJ who mistakenly unleashes a hellish curse on the town. 300 years earlier on the very streets of Salem that the townspeople walk on today, innocent folks were rounded up from their homes, convicted of being witches and sentenced to death. The Lords of Salem ran the town with an iron fist, but four witches who were tortured and killed in secrecy vowed that one day they would be back for revenge. Lords of Salem

Lords of Salem


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