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[TV] HBO Destroyed “True Blood”; The Pain Goes Away In 2014



I told you two seasons ago that HBO had destroyed “True Blood”, and even outlined what they did to take the astounding vampire drama that was basically turned into “Heroes” (here’s the article from August 2011).

Now, HBO has announced that the 2014 seventh season will be the last, ending a few seasons bloated with nonsensical creatures and idiotic character arcs. I stopped watching awhile back, am I wrong in saying that nearly everyone in Bon Temp is now a creature?

Variety reports that the much-needed departure will come following a 10-episode season that will premiere next summer. Brian Buckner, who succeeded Alan Ball as showrunner, will preside over the final campaign of the series based on Charlaine Harris’ books.

“True Blood” was nominated for a drama series Emmy in 2010 and delivered a Golden Globe for lead actress Anna Paquin in 2009. That was before the show writers decided to turn it into Twilight

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