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‘Blair Witch’ Director Puts His Name On ‘Ninjas vs. Monsters’



Endlight Entertainment is proud to announce that Eduardo Sanchez, Co-Creator of The Blair Witch Project, and director of such horror hits as Lovely Molly, Seventh Moon, and Altered has joined Ninjas vs. Monsters as Executive Producer.

Ninjas vs. Monsters tells the story of classic movie monsters Dracula and Frankenstein as they join forces with a mummy, a werewolf, and a coven of sexy and powerful witches in order to battle heroic NINJAS. It is the culmination of a trilogy of films Written and Directed by Justin Timpane which Began with 2009’s Ninjas vs Zombies and 2011’s Ninjas vs Vampires.

Ninjas vs. Monsters features Mortal Kombat style fights complete with intense fight choreography supervised by Daniel Mascarello and PJ Megaw and carried out by a stunt team that included world champion martial artists, stunt professionals, and newcomers alike.

Ninjas vs. Monsters is currently seeking distribution. Watch the trailer.

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