Review: 'The Extinction Parade' #5 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: ‘The Extinction Parade’ #5



A frightening vision of the apocalypse, “The Extinction Parade” #5 is a terrifying read that doesn’t hold back on its shocks and scares. With vampires on one side and zombies on the other, two opposing forces are about to meet in an unforgettable collision. Each issue keeps getting better and better, and “The Extinction Parade” series continues to give readers a disturbing tale that crosses vampires and zombies.

WRITTEN BY: Max Brooks
ART BY: Raulo Caceres
PUBLISHER: Avatar Press
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: February 19, 2014

Laila and her immortal sister have been watching from the sidelines as the zombie horde has taken over their food source. As vampires, Laila and her sister have taken advantage of their human supply, thinking their river of blood would never drain. The zombies have somehow managed to steal what is theirs, right under their noses. Now, riot police have geared up and barricaded the streets to prevent the horde from feeding upon the large city population. Laila and her sister have patiently waited for the humans to defeat the living dead, but now they are beginning to realize that day will never happen.

If you have read “World War Z” novel, you understand that writer Max Brooks knows how to slowly build up the creepy vibe of his narrative. Since the first installment, Laila and her sister have been bystanders as they watched humanity being devoured by zombies. Their unwillingness to get involved has always been their downfall. The vampire sisters continued to feed and have fun, while the rest of the world fell into chaos. But when the destruction strikes home, the two realize they can’t just sit around and do nothing anymore.

Brooks is able to explore the growth of his two protagonists in clever ways. Why should the vampires get involved if the zombies cannot hurt them? If the vampires do get involved, what will be the consequences? In his mythology, Brooks establishes why vampires are meant to hide in the shadows and not be seen. We will get to see in the story what actually happens if vampires are witnessed clashing with the zombies.

Artists Raulo Caceres brings out the suspense and dread of Brook’s apocalyptic themes in his illustrations. Notice the detailed differences in the character designs between the zombies and vampires. In these graphic shots, Caceres illustrates the intestines spilling out of the zombie’s chest. One of the zombies even has his jaw dangling from his face. The vampires always look like they are young and in their prime. But when the bloodsuckers get sick, their dying body begins to show its true age.

Caceres lets loose on the gore and carnage when Laila’s sister finally makes up her mind. Through creative layouts, Caceres depicts Laila’s sister taking down the horde in a spectacular series of splash pages. Laila’s sister plunges her fist straight through the zombie’s head as she recklessly jumps onto the horde. The gory action intensifies as Laila leaps into the bloody fight just for the fun of it.

War has just been declared between the zombies and vampires in “The Extinction Parade” #5. With such memorable imagery and eloquent narration, “The Extinction Parade” takes an interesting premise and has bloody fun with it.

4.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Jorge Solis