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‘Amityville’ Haunts Daughter (Exclusive)



We continue to be on the front lines for all things Amityville with some more casting.

I hear exclusively that McKenna Grace, from “Young and the Restless” has been cast.

Leigh will be playing Joan, a single mother raising three kids all on her own. The family move into the infamous “Amityville” house, only to learn that it has a very dark history. Grace will play the youngest daughter of Leigh’s character.

Disney Channel sensation Bella Thorn was also recently cast.

Maniac and P2‘s Franck Khalfoun will be directing the new Amityville Horror, which goes into production this week in L.A.

The found-footage angle has been dropped from the film, which is to be distributed January 2, 2015 by TWC-Dimension.

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