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‘The Wolf Man’ Gets Awesome Writer For Lame New Universe



Much like superhero movies, there’s only so many times you can do an origin story before it gets repetitive. But, what if the origin story isn’t even all that interesting?

The Universal Monsters were badass back in the 30’s and 40’s, but have since become the basis of generic Halloween costumes and cool shelf toys. I love Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, Creature From the Black Lagoon, and all the other classics – but it doesn’t mean I want to see them modernized.

I didn’t really know what Universal had up their sleeve until the laughable closing credits to Dracula Untold, which promised modern “games” between Dracula and his creator – because, you know, he waited thousands of years to play.

Anyways, everything about Untold was stupid. And if the idiotic and bland Untold is the model being used, I expect a lot more stupid to follow.

Fortunately, Uni has their eyes on an incredible writer for another reboot of The Wolf Man, says Deadline, reporting that Prisoners scribe Aaron Guzikowski is being courted.

Prisoners was one of the hottest scripts this decade, and gives me some faith that the story can be cracked. I mean, the best thing about The Mummy reboot with Brendan Fraser is that the movie wasn’t about the mummy. My hope is that Wolf Man rejects Untold‘s origin path and tells the story from a different perspective. The thought of a Wolf Man Untold makes me wanna puke my guts out.