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‘The Battery’ Filmmakers Need Your Help With ‘Tex Montana Will Survive!’



A few years ago, a post-apocalyptic zombie film called The Battery became the indie darling of the year, winning over audiences across the world and receiving praise from the festival circuit. Now the same filmmakers are back with a new film and a very interesting distribution model that could see a change in how movies are absorbed.

Presenting Tex Montana Will Survive!, a found-footage comedy that tells the tale of a celebrity survivalist whose skills are cast in doubt, leaving him in a position where he feels that he must make the ultimate survival experience: Going into the wilderness for 30 days with no camera crew to show that he’s got what it takes.

Now, I know that this isn’t a horror movie but these guys brought one of the best zombie movies in recent history and we want to see them make it with this film. Plus, get ready to hear about their fascinating distribution model, which should show how passionate they are about their craft!

Firstly, the movie is already done. The money being raised for the film is so that they can released it to the entire world at the exact same time. Oh, and it will be completely free for everyone to watch with no time limit. In fact, they support the idea that the movie will be shared. They even write on the Kickstarter page, “Burn it onto DVDs and BluRays (we’ll even supply printable artwork!) and give them to people who don’t know how to play videos on the interwebs!

Their mission is to get their movie seen, not funded. The Kickstarter is simply so that they can recoup their investments while making the movie, which I think is a very fair and very transparent. Also, their tiered goals are pretty damn funny. My personal favorite is at the “Pledge $25 or more” tier, which says, “I DON’T NEED ANOTHER T-SHIRT. You believe the movie is the reward enough, and would rather us keep making fun, informative content than spend time and resources becoming a gift shop and fulfillment center. Thank you so much.” I mean, c’mon! That shit is funny! It’s a total stab at Kickstarter goals while at the same time acknowledging the higher tiers that DO offer those kinds of rewards.

If you want to support these guys, Head on over to their Kickstarter page.