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Get Your ‘Friday the 13th’ Disco Groove On



It’s Friday, so how can I not bring you something that’s influenced by Friday the 13th? Okay, I realize this is the first time I’ve really made that connection but give me a break, alright? I’m giving you something awesome here!

Above is a stream of the Camp Blood EP from disco-infused retrosynth artist Videogram. It’s five tracks of pure electronic bliss that would even get Jason Voorhees himself to cut a mean rug. It’s groovy, it’s glitchy, and it’s as much fun as a cabin full of dead counselors!

Also, look at the amazing 10″ vinyl and cassette tape designs below and tell me you don’t wish you had one! If you’re keen on getting one for yourself, head on over to Videogram’s Bandcamp to snag one!

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